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Terms relating to death and dying.

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Une pratique qui était populaire en Amérique du Nord et en Europe durant le XIXème et le début du XXe siècle et qui consiste en la prise de photos de personnes défuntes dans le but de les ...

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A practice that was popular in North America and Europe during the mid-19th and early 20th century which involved taking a portrait of a recently deceased loved one for memorial purposes.

Domain: Consumer services; Category: Death care products

Les nombreux établissement dont l'activité principale est reliée aux rituels de la disposition des corps. Ces établissements se préoccupent particulèrement de la préparation pour l'inhumation, de la ...

Domain: Consumer services; Category: Death care products

The many establishments that provide a wide range of services and products for use in the ritualized disposal of human remains. Its main services include preparation for burial, funeral conducting, ...

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I believe Funeral flags are doing a great deal of work by, many murders are said to be accidents but now as we can do the postmortem of the bodies it would be lot more easy to differentiate between murder and accidents than the necessary action could be taken.

03:09, 16 August 2021
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