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List gives info about the most aggressive sharks in the world.

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Tiger sharks can rip through the ocean waters at blistering speeds also amongest the top 10 fastest swimmers. Tiger sharks can reach lengths of over 5 meters. These massive and dangerous sharks have ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

Number one of on top of the most human killing sharks is of course the great white. When talking about the great whites most people can quickly remember the best selling novel and movie Jaws. The ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

Requiem " shark swimming in the warm seas and oceans of the world . Basking sharks have round eyes , young life and come to full development . This dangerous sharks very different sizes , as long as ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

The bull sharks are also known as Zambezi sharks, which are very common in the warm waters of all around the world. What makes this shark so different and dangerous to people is that it can swim up ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

Blue sharks living in the deep waters of the world's tropical oceans. They prefer cool waters , while blue sharks are known to migrate thousands of kilometers . Most of them are troubled , eating ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

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