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The linguistic and psychological overlap

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Study of live human organic functions. Linguistically, these are neural, cardiovascular, pulmonary, as well as muscle and tendon functioning to matter most to speech. Already the common cold can influence locution. Please compare ANATOMY.

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Studi fungsi organik hidup manusia. Dalam kerangka psikolinguistik, saraf, jantung, paru, serta fungsi otot dan tendon akan materi pidato tindakan yang paling sebagai hal fisiologi. Sudah flu biasa dapat mempengaruhi ungkapan. Silahkan bandingkan anatomi.

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Language psychology or psychology of language; emerged the early 1960s in opposition to behaviorism, especially on operant conditioning and processing of meaning. In Europe, psycholinguistics would be recognized for a science mostly to belong with linguistics and taught in philological college or university departments. World wide, psycholinguistics happens to be taught at psychology or philosophy faculties, with varied language backgrounds.

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Bahasa psikologi atau psikologi bahasa; muncul awal tahun 1960 bertentangan dengan behaviorisme, terutama pada pengkondisian operan dan pengolahan makna.

Domain: Language; Category: General language

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