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This Blossary is has a list of cool DIY solutions for mending, creating, adding on reusing, and designing clothes. Very easy, step by step solutions.

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Materialen: Flip Flops, lichtgewicht langwerpige zomer sjaal, schaar. Is het belangrijk dat uw sjaal langwerpig en licht is. De sjaal met behulp van uw schaar, gesneden in de helft zodat hebt u twee ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Sie benötigen: Nadel und Faden, Gummibänder, ein gestreiftes T-shirt, ein langer Reißverschluss und Schere. 1. Biegen Sie das T-shirt innen heraus und wickeln die Gummibänder eng um die Ärmel. 2. ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

당신이 필요 합니다: 니트 스웨터가 위, 그리고 고릴라/오리 테이프. 하는 방법: 1. 스웨터의 절반 하단 컷. 2. 고릴라/오리 테이프와 원시 가장자리 아래로 절반 방법 및 인감을 통해 폴딩 하 여 홈. 3. 완전히 킁 킁 후 부드러운 가장자리 테이프 및 만들어 여러 번 아래 ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Materials: Flip Flops, Lightweight Oblong Summer Scarf, Scissors. It’s important that your scarf is oblong and light. Using your scissors, cut the scarf in half so that you have two long pieces of ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

You will need: Needle and thread, Zipper, a button, measuring tape, pins, scossors, rubber bands, and sweat pants. How to: 1. Cut one leg of the sweat pants, after measuring the size you would like ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

You will need: A silk ro cotton blouse, scissors, needle and thread, sewing machine (optional) How to: 1. Put on the blouse and mark with a pin where you want the crop top to stop. Add an inch or ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

You will need: White cotton dress, lime tumble dye. How to: 1. Mix dye with water into a spray bottle and shake the dye vigorously. 2. Spray the bottom few inches with the neon dye, leaving no white ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

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