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Is it time to change your job? It is 2015 and the companies and professionals seeking to cover certain posts. Companies are looking primarily recruit staff with skills within the Internet industry, which is growing every day and that is basic in any company. Forbes magazine has released the most popular 2015 profiles.

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E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet.

Domain: Business services; Category: Personnel

Store Manager has to maximize sales opportunities and profits of your store and keep track of the results. This person needs to ensure the highest possible level of customer service, and make sure ...

Domain: Business services; Category: Office services

Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable. Computer engineers are ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Computer science

This person is accredited by a professional body upon completing a course of study, and usually licensed by a government agency, to practice a health related profession such as dentistry, medicine, ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Health care organizations

He is responsible for the success of the product or product line, but has no authority over the production and sale of the product. Much of the work of a Product Manager is through many departments ...

Domain: Business services; Category: Personnel

Online marketing refers to the techniques available to a business to market, promote and advertise their products, services or brand on the World Wide Web. There are two main sub channels of online ...

Domain: Business services; Category: Marketing

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