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List gives info about the most aggressive sharks in the world.

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Requiem " shark swimming in the warm seas and oceans of the world . Basking sharks have round eyes , young life and come to full development . This dangerous sharks very different sizes , as long as 69 cm adult adult 7.5 meters long , the length of the scale length as long as the great white shark from fully grown . As the fourth most dangerous sharks to humans, basking sharks have been recorded in a number of attacks on humans . Known unprovoked attack 39 people, seven people were killed

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

安魂曲 》 鲨鱼游泳在温暖海域和海洋的世界。 姥鲨有圆圆的眼睛,生生来就充分发展的年轻人。 这危险的鲨鱼差别很大的大小,只要 69 厘米成人成人长 7.5 米,大规模长度的长度从即只要完全长成的大白鲨。 作为第四最危险的鲨鱼对人类,姥鲨已被记录在大量的对人类的攻击。 已知的无端的攻击 39 人,造成 7 人死亡。

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

Blue sharks living in the deep waters of the world's tropical oceans. They prefer cool waters , while blue sharks are known to migrate thousands of kilometers . Most of them are troubled , eating fish and squid , but they had to take a larger hunting and pray like humans . Known unprovoked attack resulted in 4 deaths of 13 people .

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

蓝色鲨鱼生活在世界热带海洋的深水域。 他们喜欢凉爽的水域,而蓝色鲨鱼已知迁移数千公里。 他们大多是困扰,吃小鱼和鱿鱼,但他们过狩猎和采取更大祈祷像人类一样。 As the fifth most human killing shark, blue sharks also go by the nickname of the "wolves of the sea". 已知的无端的攻击造成 4 人死亡的 13 人。

Domain: Animals; Category: Fish

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